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With Hangtime wines, we make balance the guiding priority behind everything we do, from harvesting grapes with a perfect ratio of sugar to acidity, to choosing a variety of winemaking techniques that help enhance the wines’ unique personalities. Our approach to balance extends far beyond winemaking — in fact, it's a way of life here in California. We believe in balanced living — between work and play, mind and body. We understand how important it is to counter a hectic schedule by taking the time to do the things that bring you joy, including kicking back with family and friends and reveling in the simple pleasure of sharing a meal. Wherever you find yourself — on the coast of California, in the heart of the Midwest or up north in New England — open a bottle of Hangtime and see how easily the wines bring out the best in every moment and in just about anything on the menu. It's a perfectly balanced choice.

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